Enjoy carefree

Comfort and luxury Do you have something to celebrate or do you just want to board a fully equipped ship? That is possible with our ‘Noflik fekânsjepakket’. You only have to take your personal belongings with you and put them away because on board you will find made-up cages and bath and kitchen linen. There is also a nice bottle of wine with a piece of cheese and something to nibble from the local ‘De Wartenster’ country store. We also take care of the final cleaning, only the trash must be emptied and the dishes are clean and dry in the cabinets when you return the boat. Of course you can also reserve the above separately when booking. Ask about the possibilities.


Easy manoeuvring
Do you have little experience on the water? We would be happy to help you on your way. Even beginning captains can quickly get a feel for sailing. This is due in part to the bow thruster, with which all of our vessels are equipped. Many of the boats also have a stern thruster. This makes the boat even easier to manoeuvre, perfect when mooring or casting off or, for example, waiting at or passing through bridges and locks.

Personal start
Once you have settled on board, we explain the functioning of the motor yacht and provide all technical information. Together we also take a short trial cruise. We practice mooring and casting off, so that you can enjoy a carefree sailing holiday. No navigation licence is required to rent one of our boats.

Sailing area

Four water-rich provinces
Our boats let you enjoy memorable sailing tours through Friesland. But surprisingly beautiful sailing areas in Groningen, Drenthe and Overijssel are also within easy reach. If you already have sailing experience, routes outside of this sailing area can also be taken (with the exception of the Wadden Sea). We can discuss the options with you.

Plenty of great water sports locations
Jachtverhuur Heegstra is located near the Oude Venen national park in the heart of Friesland. Our harbour in Warten is close to Grou and Eernewoude and not far from Leeuwarden, Sneek and Lemmer. All of these are enjoyable and popular water sports destinations with plenty to experience all year round!

Charming sailing routes
Sailing trips on boats with low headroom are often the most charming of all. Our Wiidvlets Freule, Freon and Flarde, as well as the flatboat Sabine and motor cruiser Foarut are perfect for this. We particularly recommend the wonderful Lits-Lauwer Lake route through northern Friesland. But there are also plenty of other enjoyable routes to sail. We would be happy to tell you more about them!

Inspiration on board
As genuine experts on the waters of Friesland, we are always available to share tips on unforgettable sailing routes. Maps with various sailing routes are also found on board our boats. Each boat comes with water maps B and C, the almanac and navigation regulations.

Fishing permit

Ultimate relaxation from your own boat
What is more relaxing than casting a fishing line in the quiet of the evening from the banks of a lake? Now you can fish from the afterdeck or cockpit of your boat. All you need is a fishing permit. A fishing permit that is valid for the entire year can be purchased for 35 euros. A weekly permit for Friesland costs 10 euros and can be purchased from the post office or sport fishing shop.

What to take

All of our boats come with a fully-equipped kitchen. Comforters, bed, bath and kitchen linens are not available on board, only pillows. But we also rent out comforters and linens if desired. If you choose this option, the berths will be fully made on embarking.

You will need to bring your own provisions. If you send us a shopping list well ahead of time (with your name and the name of the boat you are renting) of the most common food items, we can make sure you have them on board before departing.