Rental Conditions

  1. Pets: are not allowed.
  2. The rent: includes a complete kitchen inventory, gas and VAT; without blankets, sheets and towels and fuel is not included.
  3. Boarding: takes place on Friday or Saterday at 2.00 p.m. and the ship must be returned the following Friday or Saturday at 10.00 a.m. If you return too late an extra E 50,– per hour will be charged.
  4. The insurance: All our ships are all-risk insured with own-risk amounting up to €600,–. When you deliver the ship on time, without accident and complete inventory, the deposit will be returned. If the ship is malhandled we are entitled to retrieve the ship without returning the deposit.
  5. General: The hirer agrees to take good care of the yacht and its equipment and agrees to be a ‘good skipper’ and to observe and comply with the sailing regulations. When the ship is used improperly the lessor has the right to recall it without reimbursement of payment. When the ship or its inventory has been lost or damaged you are obliged to compensate for the costs at the satisfaction of the lessor. In case the ship is not returned clean you will be charged with the cleaningcosts. For a small fee you can have the ship cleaned by us.
  6. Reservations: (by telephone or e-mail) will be confirmed if within a fortnight after date of contract half of the rent has been made payable into our account. At the same time the contract of hire should be returned signed and unchanged. The remaining half of the rent and the deposit should be paid before departure.